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  Liz Down


I am an experienced counsellor based in Seaford and Hove. I provide counselling to, adults and couples experiencing a variety of issues- including anxiety, depression, loss, relationships and traumatic experiences.  I am a person-centred/integrative counsellor and focus on building an open, warm, empathic connection in which you feel safe to talk in an uncensored way about your issues. I will work with you to find new ways of looking at problems, understanding yourself better and finding solutions that feel right for you. I work face to face, via Skype and telephone. 

Why choose counselling?

Issues can build up over time until you may reach a tipping point and feel like you are no longer coping. You may struggle on but it just feels like you are going through the motions and not like you are really living the life that you want. This can be a very lonely time as it is not always easy to open up to other people in your life. You may feel other people won't understand, might judge or give advice too quickly or become worried about you.

Counselling often comes as a massive relief because it is a safe, confidential space in which you will be really listened to and won't be judged. Clients are often surprised, even by the end of the first session, how much they have opened up and how good it has felt to have someone to talk to.

I offer a confidential space in which, no matter what you say, you will not be judged or told how you should feel or behave. I will work with you to develop and deepen understanding of what you feel, why you feel it and how you behave. Sometimes this is about making connections between things that have happened in the past and how that impacts upon you now or how things in the present may trigger low mood.

Counselling is a unique journey that looks different for each client. You may wish to do solution-focused short-term work on a particular goal. Or you may wish to work together longer-term and address issues from the past and gradually heal old wounds. I will be guided by what feels right for you. I really welcome you to make contact, have an informal chat about counselling or book an initial session to explore further where you are at and what you need.


''I have recommended Liz to others and would not hesitate to do so again. Thank you for all your support Liz."

Mum of two teenagers - 50's

"Liz provided me with a safe space in which to explore the previously impossible things I needed to explore. She had compassion and empathy. She kept up with my lengthy rambles, and sat in silence with me, shared her insights when appropriate and really heard what I needed to say. My time with Liz allowed an authentic shift deep inside myself that has been profoundly healing. I would wish anyone finding themselves struggling with painful and challenging issues a "Liz" to go on that journey with. Truly professional whilst also being humanly real, Liz's skills and abilities as a counsellor are second to none".

Long term female client - 40's

"Liz has helped me immensely with her compassionate and very understanding nature. I feel totally at ease with her and I am able to share my innermost feelings and worries without any risk of being judged. I actually look forward to our sessions each week as a way of cleaning my mind for the week ahead."

Long term male client - 50's


Everyday life is busy and we can hold on to emotional issues until we have space to unpack them. Individual counselling offers a nurturing, non judgemental environment to explore unresolved issues and create more of what we would love in our lives. Once you are ready to make this commitment to yourself to make this space, things often really change.


Being a young person today is harder than it's ever been. Young people are deluged with media, tests and expectations: whether of their parents, peers, teachers or social media. All of this can lead to them needing a little extra support to stay health and well balanced. Young person's counselling can provide invaluable support for young people and parents.


Sometimes there are issues or blocks which prevent an otherwise healthy relationship from flourishing, growing and continuing into deeper and deeper partnership. The additional support of a caring external counsellor and facilitator can help both parties see the current dynamics from a different perspective, and create new ways to move forward.

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