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Client contract

1. Confidentiality:

Your counselling sessions are confidential.

All counsellors are required to be in supervision and I do take relevant issues from counselling sessions into supervision. However, I take care to preserve your anonymity in supervision.

The only time I might need to break confidentiality is if I feel concerned that you are in serious danger of harming yourself or others. However, even in this case, I would discuss my concerns with you first and ask for your consent where possible.


2. Counselling Sessions and Fees:

Payment needs to be given at each session and if counselling is by phone/online payment needs to be made on the day of the session.

Sessions are usually weekly, or occasionally fortnightly and will continue for as long as is right for you. 
I will regularly review with you how you feel sessions are going.

When you feel you have had as many sessions as you currently need please discuss this with me so we can arrange an ending session. This ending session provides an opportunity to look back over counselling and give and receive feedback about what has taken place.


3. Cancellations and Charges:

Where less than 24 hours notice of cancellation I ask to be reimbursed for the full session fee. If we are able to rearrange your session for another time that same week there will be no cancellation charge. Please note I run a busy practice so it is not always possible to rearrange.

Where less than 7 days notice of cancellation is given I ask for half the usual session fee as my cancellation charge. 


4. Complaints:

If you have any concerns about our sessions I really welcome you to raise them with me. However, if you did not feel this was possible, any complaints can be made to the BACP (British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy)

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