Liz Down

My Services


I offer a welcoming, warm and accepting environment in which it is possible to explore problems and issues in an open, uncensored way.


According to Carl Rogers, the founder of person-centred therapy, when a counsellor offers understanding and acceptance in a genuine and honest way and the client perceives this approach then positive, therapeutic change takes place.


I have witnessed clients grow in self-awareness and self-acceptance through feeling deeply understood and warmly regarded in therapy.


I offer a confidential space in which, no matter what you say, you will not be judged or told how you should feel or behave.


I tailor my approach to suit your needs and requirements. Integrating CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and Solution Focused approaches where you wish to work in a more goal-oriented way. I will work with you collaboratively to explore the connections between your thoughts, feelings and behaviours and work together to uncover solutions to problems and coping strategies that feel right for you.

Individual sessions last 50 minutes and cost £45 



Being a young person can be a very stressful and anxious time. Trying to cope with all sorts of different pressures, from pressures to look a certain way, to achieve certain grades at school or to have lots of friends on social just feeling low about yourself..the list goes on. It can also feel like there is no one really to talk to... parents might worry or tell us what to do or the person we tell might judge us and not understand.

Counselling is one relationship in which none of this happens, it is a relationship in which you will be really listened to and won't be told what to do. You get to talk about whatever you want and no issue is too great or too small. Often problems can go round and round in your head and counselling feels like a big relief off-loading and getting a lot of stuff off your chest, without the worry about it getting back to anyone. Discussing problems also helps get a different perspective on them and new ways of handling a situation can emerge through talking.

Sometimes its also about learning to live with a really difficult issue and actually feeling there is someone there for you who understands what it might be like can make you feel much less alone and feel supported.

Counselling is different for each person and I am trained and experienced in working with many different issues and building a relationship with you in which you get to go at your pace and get help in the way that you need. I'd really like to hear from you, by text, email or phone and I'm also happy if you want someone else to make first contact or come along to start with. I appreciate it can feel like a daunting process getting counselling but clients often let me know it isn't so bad once we've actually met and is a massive relief.

Youth sessions last 50 minutes and cost £45


Couples counselling offers a useful, safe space to work through issues that feel current or may have built up between you and your partner over time.

It can get to the point where neither you, nor your partner are feeling heard and arguments seem to repeat without ever getting resolved. When we feel like our partners don't take our issues or our needs seriously our defenses go up, tempers fray and we can often feel like there is no understanding or compromise being offered.


Couples counselling provides a space in which each of you can feel heard and able to explore what is happening between you and how you feel about it. Couples often tell me that they understand each other a lot better as we sit together and gradually get an overview of reasons behind why such difficult dynamics have been taking place, without anyone feeling judged or penalised.


As both partners develop a deeper understanding of each other, resentment and anger often reduce. It becomes possible to communicate more calmly, avoid passing blame, to find compromises and ways to better meet each others needs.


There are also times, when couples find that counselling helps them to realise their differences and find that they no longer wish to remain together. The key is that counselling provides safety and a space in which it is possible to share thoughts and feelings with honesty.

Couples Therapy sessions last 60 minutes and cost £60

Counselling Contract

1. Confidentiality:

Your counselling sessions are confidential.

All counsellors are required to be in supervision and I do take relevant issues from counselling sessions into supervision. However, I take care to preserve your anonymity in supervision.

The only time I might need to break confidentiality is if I feel concerned that you are in serious danger of harming yourself or others. However, even in this case, I would discuss my concerns with you first and ask for your consent where possible.


2. Counselling Sessions and Fees:

Payment needs to be given at each session and if counselling is by phone/online payment needs to be made on the day of the session.

Sessions are usually weekly, or occasionally fortnightly and will continue for as long as is right for you. 
I will regularly review with you how you feel sessions are going.

When you feel you have had as many sessions as you currently need please discuss this with me so we can arrange an ending session. This ending session provides an opportunity to look back over counselling and give and receive feedback about what has taken place.


3. Cancellations and Charges:

I ask for 7 days notice if you need to cancel our session, otherwise I charge £10 to cover my fees. However, if you have only been able to give 24 hours notice, or less, I ask to be reimbursed for the full session fee. If we are able to rearrange your session for another time that smae week there will be no cancellation charge.

I will also give you as much warning as I can of any breaks I am taking.


4. Complaints:

If you have any concerns about our sessions I really welcome you to raise them with me. However, if you did not feel this was possible, any complaints can be made to the BACP (British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy)